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What Should You Know Sending Money from Estonia to Iceland?


Banks in both Estonia and Iceland might charge you a high rate markup

Most traditional banks charge a significant markup on currency exchange rates when transferring money abroad. Whenever there’s a currency conversion, you might be losing money. So if you are sending GBP using your bank in Austria you might lose up to 7% just on currency exchange. On top of that there might be some hidden fees.

So how do I transfer money to Iceland then?

We have researched and selected for you top-rated, trusted and regulated companies that provide excellent service and help you save. Simply compare your bank’s rates to these trusted peer-to-peer currency transfer services. We provide you with live rates and fees in real-time so you could see upfront the final amount of EUR you will get in Iceland.

It’s a better way! What’s next?

Select the most suited option, they are all safe, convenient and fast Visit the website and sign-up for an account Make your transfer to Iceland and count your extra EUR!

The Rates May Drop

Not happy with current rates? Not a problem! Exchange rates fluctuate, they can go up and down. At WireCompare, we monitor exchange rates in real-time. We can notify you when rates change so you could save even more on your international money transfer.

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