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Compare the best ways
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Top 10 countries for expats in 2017

2018-07-07 15:41:32

HSBC published the 9th edition of their Expat Explorer Report, ranking top 45 nations attractiveness for expats. This analysis relies on YouGov poll of nearly 27,000 expats in 190 nations.

top 10 countries for expatsRegardless of where they made a decision to move, expats aren't only looking for higher salaries or career success.

Among other top reasons for moving abroad are:

  • improve the quality of life
  • learn new skills
  • travel
  • find a new challenge
  • foreign assignment
  • travelling spouse

Expats were questioned about how simple it was to work, live and raise their children in the country they reside. Subsequently the results were combined to 3 main topics: 1. Economics, 2. Experience, and 3. Family. Each country received a grade for each topic. Switzerland is at the top in the Economics category. New-Zealand is number one in the Experience category and Sweden at the Family one.  

This is the top 10 countries for expats in 2017:

10. Germany (rated 5th last year)

9. Bahrain (rated 4th last year)

8. Sweden (rated 3rd previous year)

7.  Austria (not ranked before)

6. Norway (not ranked before)

5. Switzerland (ranked 10th last year)

4. Chezh Republic (versus 18th position the year before)

3. Canada (6th last year)

2. Ne -Zealand (same position)

1. Singapore (two years in a row)