Compare the best ways
to transfer money overseas

Compare the best ways
to transfer money overseas

Money Transfer for Businesses

2018-08-03 16:19:45

Do you own or run your own company? If so, you will be familiar with the struggles of deciding how best to pay bills or do business with other companies. This becomes a particularly difficult task when such payments involve transferring money overseas. In today’s global business environment, dealing with various currencies and exchange rates on a daily basis can become quite complex, which is why we'd like to give a few tips on money transfer for business users.

By learning more about how to select the best way to transfer money from your business abroad, you could make significant savings on fees associated with making payments to or from another country. 

Read on to find out more about all the many benefits of using a money transfer platform for your business!

1. Cost Savings

From a company’s perspective, it is always important to reduce costs where possible. When dealing with different currencies and countries, it can become quite complicated and expensive to transfer money overseas. 

With platforms such as WireCompare, this task becomes easy. WireCompare is a comparison tool that finds the best way for your business to transfer money abroad at the best price. 

Technologies such as peer-to-peer exchange allow you to avoid any hidden fees. This means that your company stands to make significant savings in comparison to funds transferred through a bank in the more traditional manner.

money transfer for business

2. Security

All businesses worry about security issues, especially when it comes to new technologies. It is always important to ensure that your company’s money is secure and being managed by a trusted agency. Sometimes when transferring money abroad, there can be risks of fraudulent activity or security issues.

WireCompare offers only government-regulated reliable providers of money transferring services. This gives you and your company full peace of mind when it comes to your wire transfers overseas. 

Be careful never to transfer your money with an unregulated provider. If in doubt, do not proceed with the transaction. 

3. Flexibility

With a comparison tool analysing all transfer methods available, you have the ability to select whichever method best suits your company’s needs.

WireCompare searches for the best transfer method for your requirements based on the following factors:

  • Exchange rate
  • Transfer company
  • Transfer speed
  • Payment method
  • Cost

For each payment you wish to transfer overseas, you can view all options available based on the above factors. You will never be limited on choice and will always have the best options available to you. This differs from going through the traditional banking route which greatly limits your options and can lead you to spending much more money than necessary.

4. Technology 

Today there are many options available when it comes to transferring money. In recent years there have been many popular applications developed privately with the purpose of saving consumers time and money on their transfers. These apps offer a wide range of choice while maintaining high levels of security and transparency.

Although you may believe that going through a bank is the best way to transfer your company’s money overseas, it is important to consider the benefits of using different methods which can offer significant cost saving advantages.

Give it a try today and see how WireCompare and its trusted partners can make transferring different currencies much easier and cheaper for your business.

5. Ease of Use

Sometimes it can be difficult to set up an international money transfer through the bank and there can be a lack of transparency regarding applicable fees. For a business, this can pose many issues such as when exactly the transfer will reach the recipient or whether the exchange rate was competitive or overpriced.

The solution to such problems is to compare all options available before deciding how best to transfer your payment overseas. This is why WireCompare offers your business clear and transparent information regarding all key details of each money transfer application. 

By using a comparison tool, you can save all the time that would have been spent investigating each possibility separately before making your decision. You will also ensure that you get the best value possible and the best quality of service.

Leading the way towards success

As every business leader knows, financial issues play an extremely important role in the profitability of a business. As a manager or a CEO, you must understand how small details can make a big impact on the success of a business.

To ensure that your company always obtains the best exchange rates and transfer fees available, it is essential to consider all options before deciding which platform or company to carry out the transfer. 

Save time and money by using WireCompare which will quickly provide you with all the information you need in order to select the best method for your company to transfer money overseas.