Compare the best ways
to transfer money overseas

Compare the best ways
to transfer money overseas

How Does It Work?

Tell us how much you want to send and choose your destination

We request quotes from trusted and top-rated providers

You get a list of the best options to save yourself time and money

How is it Cheaper?

Peer-to-peer exchange and other technologies, allow us to keep the cost of transferring money overseas down. When you transfer money abroad with the transfer company you select, there will be no hidden fees to pay us or the provider. Your transfer will cost you far less than if you opt to transfer funds using a bank.

No Hidden Fees

We believe in complete transparency when it comes to international bank transfers. At WireCompare, when you ask for a quote to send your money to a different country, we will provide you with information on the provider's fee, the exchange rate, and give you the final amount received for your money transfer.

Only Trusted Partners

WireCompare is the one-stop shop for you to compare the cost of transferring your money. For your peace of mind, we only partner with government regulated, well-trusted and top-rated providers. The security of your transfer is our first priority.

Compare Providers

We give you the freedom to choose the method of transfer that works best for you. Select the transfer method that suits you. You can choose according to the exchange rate, money transfer company, the speed of transfer, the method of payment and the transfer cost.

Exchange Rate Notifications

We monitor exchange rates in real-time and can send you an alert if you choose. Let us know which currencies and exchange rates you are interested in. When a significant change happens, we will notify you immediately.

Our Partners

We only partner with highly reputable, approved and regulated by government entities such as the FCA or the FinCEN. When you obtain a quote from WireCompare, we strive to provide you with accurate, up-to-date, real-time results.

Our partners eliminate high bank fees from foreign exchanges by matching users based on the currency they have and require. A simple, secure swap then takes place.